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be quiet! Pure Wings 2 140mm PWM (140x140x25mm)

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Reliable, quiet cooling The Pure Wings 2 fan series is unique in its class and offers...more
Product Information

Reliable, quiet cooling

The Pure Wings 2 fan series is unique in its class and offers extraordinary reliability and quiet cooling at a highly attractive price. The amount of noise-optimising technology that the be quiet! team has incorporated into this fan series is impressive, and so is its perfect price-performance ratio. This series is the best choice for anyone looking to install that well-known, unrivaled be quiet! cooling in their PC.

The Pure Wings 2 140mm PWM fan is the largest model in the series and contains all of the essential product highlights mentioned above. The fan provides maximum cooling airflow at an impressively quiet 19.8 dB(A). Its higher air pressure makes the Pure Wings 2 140mm PWM perfect for use in water- or air-cooled systems.

Performance Features

Quiet Operation

  • Nine volume-optimised fan blades provide increased airflow capacity and reduce noise-generating turbulence while simultaneously increasing air pressure 
  • Extremely quiet operation at a low 19.8 dB(A) even at highest RPM setting.

Speed Regulation

  • Using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), the fan speed can be intelligently controlled with 4-pin fan controllers (including those installed on many motherboards)
  • With the PWM, the system can ramp up the cooling as needed or run with maximum quietness during low-usage times.

Product Conception, Design, and Quality Control in Germany

  • The perfect choice for home and office PCs, as well as gaming and multimedia systems
  • Specially designed for water- or air-cooling systems
  • The high-quality rifle bearing technology ensures a long lifespan of up to 80,000 hours


Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 140mm
  • Revolutions at 12V (RPM): 1,000
  • Displacement volume at 12V (cfm, m3/h): 61.2 / 104
  • Air pressure at 12V (mm H2O): 0.76
  • Volume at 12V (dB(A)): 19.8

Mechanical Specifications


  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 140 x 140 x 25mm
  • Bearing technology: rifle
  • Motor technology: 4-pole fan motor
  • Weight including fixed cables (kg): 0.16
  • Screw attachment: ✓

 Cables and Connectors

  • Connector plug: 4-pin PWM
  • Cable length: 460mm

Performance Data and Volume

  • Displacement volume at 12V (cfm, m3/h): 61.2 / 104
  • Air pressure at 12V (mm H2O): 0.76
  • Volume at 12V (dB(A)): 19.8
  • Lifespan at 25°C (hours): 80,000

Electrical Data

  • Rated voltage (V): 12
  • Operating voltage range (V): 5~12
  • Rated current (A): 0.06
  • Maximum current (A): 0.12
  • Power consumption (W): 0.44


  • Attachment screws: ✓



Awards and documents
Technical details and videos ... moor
Technical details
Barva rotor: Černá
jmenovité otáčky: 1000 U/min
tlak: 0,76 mm H2O
průtok vzduchu: 104 m³/h
spotřeba energie: 10,0 W
životnost ( při 25 ° C): 80.000 h
Výrobce: BeQuiet
počáteční napětí: 5V DC
LED: Není k dispozici
Luftförderbereich: 100 - 149 m³/h
Barva rámu: Černá
Abmessungen: 140 x 140 x 25mm
Velikost: 140mm
Lautstärkebereich: 10 - 19,9 dB(A)
Nenndrehzahlbereich: 1000 - 1450 U/min
napájecí konektor: Ano
Barva: 3Pin Molex
jmenovité napětí: 12V DC
hlučnost: 18,8 dB(A)
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Questions & Answers
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