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Watercool HEATKILLER® Tube 200 D5

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The HEATKILLER® Tube Series is a modular series of high end reservoirs with a glass tube made...more
Product Information

The HEATKILLER® Tube Series is a modular series of high end reservoirs with a glass tube made from borosilicate glass. It has some outstanding features which are listed here.

Large filling mouth
Thanks to a large filling mouth and a bayonet catch lid the HEATKILLER® Tube Series reservoirs can be opened without any tools and is easy to fill. It has never been easier to re-fill a cooling medium.

Borosilicate glass tube
Borosilicate is a glass with very high chemical and thermic resistance. It is scratch-resistant and has very low heat expansion. These outstanding features make borosilicate an ideal material for reservoirs.

Three sizes
To account for different space availability in current cases, the HEATKILLER® Tube Series reservoir glass tubes are available in sizes 100mm, 150mm and 200mm.

Three versions
Besides a standalone version, there are versions with direct connections for pumps. They support D5 and DDC pumps by Lowara (formerly known as Laing) and their derivatives.

Large volume
In designing the HEATKILLER® Tube Series, we took great care not to waste any of the available volume. That makes the HEATKILLER® Tube Series reservoirs very low maintenance, because they need fewer re-fills.

Anti- Cyclone-effect
The exclusively developed anti-cyclone-inlay which is located at the bottom of the reservoir prevents vortices that easily form in reservoirs. This reduces noise levels and makes air bleeding easier.

Streaming-optimized pump chambers
The pump adapter for D5 and DDC pumps comes with a streaming optimized pump chamber. This causes fewer vortices during use, which has a positive effect on both flow rate and air bleeding.

Made in Germany
The HEATKILLER@ Tube Series reservoirs are completely produced in Germany.

Extensive optional accessories
The HEATKILLER@ Tube Series reservoirs have various optional features, for example:

Variable Mounting systems
For optimal integration into a water cooled system we offer different mounting systems to fit your build.

…horizontal mount (pedestal)
Two different height pedestals are available for mounting the HEATKILLER@ Tube Series reservoir to the case floor or free-standing.

… vertical mount
A multifunctional bracket mount offers options for vertical montage. Several adapters are available. Some can be used to attach the reservoir  to 120x120mm or 140x140mm cooler slots. Others allow for a montage of the reservoir on a radiator from the MO-RA3 series.

HEATKILLER@ Tube Series reservoirs can be set in scene with LED illumination. We offer splash-safe LED strips in various colors. The strips are hidden in the struts of the reservoir cage.

Colored struts
To customize your HEATKILLER@ Tube Series you can exchange the default struts. We offer aluminum struts in natural color or with a choice of anodized colors.

Technical data

  • Material cover: POM
  • Material struts: black anodized aluminium
  • Tube: borosilicate glass
  • Material bottom: POM
  • Material Inlay: stainless steel
  • Measurements (LxWxH): 70 x 70 x 303,5 mm
  • Tube length: 200mm
  • Tube diameter: 65mm
  • Capacity: aprox. 500ml
  • Weight: aprox. 960g
  • Seal: NBR, VMQ
  • Connection thread: 2x G ¼ inch (DIN ISO 228-1)

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x HEATKILLER® Tube 200 D5
  • 1x manual
Awards and documents
Technical details and videos ... moor
Technical details
Materiál: Hliník, Borosilikatglas
Barva: Průhledná
předinstalovaná pumpa: Ne
Konektor: G1/4" vnitřní závit
LED Bohrungen: Není k dispozici
Výrobce: Watercool
druh expanzní nádobky: Válcové expanzní nádobky 60mm
kompatibilita pumpy: Pro 1x D5
objem: 2
Fillport: Není k dispozici
Volumen: 500ml
Abmessungen: 70 x 70 x 303,4mm (inkl. Pumpe)
Questions & Answers more
Questions & Answers
Frage von Guest #315438 vom 08. August 2018
Does this come with a bracket to hold the d5 to the reservoir?
Antwort von Administrator vom 08. August 2018
Yes the bracket is there but you have to buy a stand or mounting kit for mount it on your case. E.g. item 1013029 or 1013034
Antwort von Guest #315438 vom 08. August 2018
Thank you very much!
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Frage von Guest #215415 vom 02. February 2017
hallo ist die pumpe mit bei wie in der beschreibung mfg
Antwort von Administrator vom 02. February 2017
Die Pumpe ist hier nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten. D5 steht hier lediglich dafür, dass eine D5 angebracht werden kann. Diese muss man aber separat kaufen.
Frage von Guest #278008 vom 08. August 2017
und wie moniere ich hier eine d5?
Antwort von Administrator vom 08. August 2017
Die D5 Pumpe wird im Boden verschraubt, eine entsprechende Anleitung liegt beim Produkt dabei.
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Watercool WCP D5-PWM Watercool WCP D5-PWM
2 150,14 CZK *
Watercool WCP D5 Watercool WCP D5
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